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Ireland experience

A student’s impressions

Lough Allen

Regarding my experience in Ireland I don’t even know where to begin. It was all very beautifully overwhelming. From my host family to the friends I made and all the things I learned, it was a unique experience and I am proud to be able to be a part of it.

            First of all, the village is wonderful. There’s green everywhere you look. It was especially captivating for me giving the fact that it was my first time being in the country side. The landscape looked like it just came out of a book.

            The Strabraggan school was quite small but very lively nevertheless. There were children playing there at any time. The bright colours with which it was painted really made it stand out from the other rather common buildings. The school playground was as beautifully decorated as the school.

            Another thing that I really liked about the students was their love for physical activities. Every time they would get the chance to, they would peacefully play football.

            A very fascinating place we visited was Tommy’s Farm. It is a natural reservation where you could observe the water’s eco system. We noticed quite a few organisms that help maintaining the water as clean as possible, keeping our planet alive. I really benefited from this trip because it made me realize how much more complex than it seems the nature truly is.

            Another day, we visited a hydropower. I found it very interesting learning about how it works.

            Visiting the wind farm was an experience I really enjoyed because I probably won’t have this opportunity again anytime soon.

            Finding out about Ireland’s history at Bunratty Castle was definitely a very fun and captivating way to learn something. It really took me back all those centuries ago. It felt like I was walking right through the heart of the fortress.

            Taking a trip to the Mine helped me understand better what the families had to go through every day in order to survive. From the father’s courage to step into the mine unsure of his fate, to the mother’s patience and strength. I cannot imagine how hard it would fell, having to raise a family mostly on your own. Or, worse, having to support the family in case an awful accident would occur.

            I also really enjoyed the time me spent in Dublin. There, I had a chance to discover a little bit of Ireland, that I can’t wait to learn more about in the future.            

This was definitely a one of a kind experience and I am incredibly proud and humbled be able to be a part of this project. A project in which I had the opportunity to meet people from different cultures, while learning about one of the, if not the, most important resource the Earth has got to offer, water.

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